July 30, 2014

My Birthday Wish List

Sunday is my birthday! Thought I'd put together a wish list in case you were thinking about picking me up something lol. Here's what I've been wanting to treat myself to:

- Concert tickets. I haven't been to a concert in ages and I'm really bummed about it. Love live music but tickets cost so much money. Been debating whether or not to buy tickets for The Monster Tour with Eminem and Rihanna in August because I love them both. But then I go "you should save your money" - the struggle!

- Sephora gift card. Gift cards to my favorite stores are always appreciated. My Sephora one runs out first. Update: My sister graciously got me one along with this humorous birthday card.

- Nail polish. Hi, my name is Kimberlee and I am a nail polish addict. Can never have too many!

- Massage. I've been in need of a spa trip but of course funds.

I'm also lusting after these midi rings!

P.S. I received a new digital camera from the parentals so you won't have to suffer with my cell phone pictures any longer. Thank you all for your patience!

July 29, 2014


For this month's GLOSSYBOX they sent us bloggers two of the products in the box at the beginning of the month so we could incorporate it into our skincare routine and give a review. I was appreciative since it's hard to give a fair assessment with just a few tries. Here's what I received:

July 28, 2014

MMG: Star Wars Party

Getting in the spirit // Jacob with his Star Wars LEGO cake // Zach in the Ticket Blaster
I'm back! Technically I'm still in California... I have a flight this afternoon so depending on when you read this. Today I'm gossiping about my weekend in California with my sister and nephews. My oldest nephew, Jacob, and I have the same birthday (August 3rd) and since we live on opposite coasts we split weekends. So this weekend was his birthday festivities. He was turning 6 and wanted a LEGO Star Wars party at Chuck E. Cheese -- you're killing me kid! My party will be a little different lol. I did find an awesome Darth Vader shirt to wear for the occasion. He opted for the "Rockstar Package" and then was too shy to do everything so baby bro stepped up (he's fearless). But the kids had fun and that's all that matters.

July 25, 2014


Image via Pinterest

I can't believe my blog turns 5 today! My nephew is 5 years old... I feel like my blog is my baby lol. I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers for your continued support. Never imagined anyone reading this besides family when I first created the blog. This whole "blogger craze" wasn't a thing nor did I ever think it would be. It's amazing to see how far blogging has come in these 5 years. Some good, some bad. I keep doing it because I enjoy writing and I enjoy connecting with all of you either in the comments section or on social media. I've even made some awesome friends through blogging. I know some bloggers who started around the same time as me have fallen out of love with it and I know some who have gone on to make their blogs successful. It can definitely be a challenge maintaining a blog. It's a full time job. Trying to keep up with comments. Trying to come up with new content. I don't tend to get writer's block as I write about what I want, which I feel lucky for. I know some bloggers get trapped into feeling they can only write about certain topics as readers will become angry. Thank you all for sticking with me as I know my blog has grown beyond just fashion. Happy to say I avoid the overly negative feedback some bloggers face so thank you for that. I'm always open to constructive criticism so feel free to reach out. I don't just write this blog for myself now. It has grown beyond that.

So in honor of the big 5 I thought I'd make a fun list of things about myself:

July 24, 2014

I'll Be Back

Today I'm headed to Southern California to visit my sister and celebrate my nephew's 6th birthday. The theme is LEGO Star Wars (not just Star Wars) so I had to brush up on my knowledge. My sister is also 9 months pregnant so we will all be on baby watch. She would very much like for baby Liam to come out now but unfortunately pregnancy doesn't work like that. I'll be back on Monday with a full report for Monday Morning Gossip! Try not to miss me too much.

July 23, 2014

Review: Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara

Here with another review! I feel like I've tried every mascara under the sun (see here and here) but was intrigued when Sephora offered VIB members the chance to try Josie Maran's new Argan Black Oil mascara ($22). "A mascara that never sleeps: a highly-effective and natural, argan oil treatment mascara that nourishes, lengthens, volumizes, lifts, and curls lashes for 24 hours." Josie Maran is known for their argan oil so I was curious how it would work in mascara form.

July 22, 2014

5 Lies the Beauty Industry Needs to Stop Telling Women

After the L'Oreal ruling that said they had deceptive advertising, it brought up the long time nagging thought I have. I have a love/hate with the beauty industry. If you read this blog often enough you'll know I love beauty products! But the beauty industry needs to stop perpetuating these myths for women. They've been using the same marketing tactics for decades and have made billions of dollars. I discussed whether it was wrong to use false lashes in advertising on the blog before. I think many of us have just become immune to seeing so many lies in beauty advertising but that can be harmful. The beauty industry has built a reputation on creating false insecurities in women to sell products. These are the biggest lies the industry has been telling women:

July 21, 2014

MMG: SOA Obsession

If anyone knows me they'll know I'm a die hard Sons of Anarchy fan. The show is off the air but they have been releasing teasers all month long and just released the premiere date for September. I screamed like a One Direction fan girl. To hold me over, I watched my boo's new movie, Theo Rossi (aka Juice on SOA), Meth Head. It's a heavy movie but he was shirtless so hey. Now that I know the premiere date - September 9th! - I have started to re-watch the show so I can watch all 6 seasons before Season 7 starts. I know... I'm crazy. I'm surprised Netflix hasn't emailed me like "you know we have other shows on here right?!" I don't care!

July 18, 2014

Women Are Funny. End of Story.

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In 2014, there are still sadly glass ceilings that women have to break down. The Emmy Awards were announced earlier this week and still there was a large gap in the number of women nominated as compared to men. Despite there being so many awesome women to nominate. A particular upset was Orphan Black who has a kick ass lead female character who plays clones (i.e. many different versions of herself). I had high hopes for comedy as there are probably more visible female led comedies in 2014 then there has been in quite some time. However, they only saw nominations in terms of writing. In the comedy writing category it was still 65 men, 12 women. And the only reason there were 12 women was because two shows Portlandia and Inside Amy Schumer had a well rounded number of women on their writing staff. The Mindy Project was also snubbed. Mindy Kaling writes, directs and stars in this hit show. She definitely deserves some recognition.

July 17, 2014

Movie Review: Snowpiercer

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As movie tickets get pricier and pricier ($14 in Manhattan folks...), many people are turning to Video-on-Demand (VOD). One movie that is showing that this is a profitable option for production companies is Snowpiercer. It is No. 1 on iTunes where it is earning twice as much on VOD than in theaters. Why? VOD costs $6.99 (so more people can purchase essentially) and is cheaper to distribute than in theaters. Snowpiercer has broken a lot of ground so obviously I was intrigued. One of my favorite actresses, Tilda Swinton, was in it so I tuned in.
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